Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Undergraduate Research Possibilities

Biodiversity research around the world

The following is a list of potential projects for collaboration for undergraduate students. I’m always open to developing new projects as well. These are general topics I hope to develop and work on through time.


  1. Niche ecology of endangered species
  2. Niche dynamics of montane species
  3. Niche dynamics of Great Plains species
  4. Prairie-Dogs of Nebraska
  5. Population dynamics in the central USA
  6. Edge vs. block habitats
  7. Improving target surveys for species
  8. Locating species at range fringes

Distributional Ecology

Change through time

  1. Resurvey of Nance County
  2. Research on the collections of Nebraska, understanding how well internet resources represent the collections that were made
  3. Resurvey of Nebraska National Forest
  4. Ecology of the birds of McKelvie Forest
  5. Distribution of hybrid zones in the Great Plains
  6. Elevational change in Central African bird communities

Species relationships

  1. Mimicry dynamics
  2. Distributions with and without competitors
  3. Correlations between species and habitats

Phylogenetics and Evolution

Field-based studies

  1. Vocal variation and playback response in Spotted Towhees Pipilo maculatus
  2. Playback response across hybrid zones
  3. Distinctiveness of Great Plains populations
  4. Variation in montane birds


  1. Genetic relationships of East African birds
  2. Morphological variation in Afromontane birds
  3. Duck evolution

General Busywork

  1. Birds of the World (essentially literature reviews for a single species)
  2. Wikipedia article updating