Ecology and Evolution

Cooper Lab General Overview

Research on biogeography, spatial ecology, and more

We do research on the ecology and evolution of live on Earth, with an emphasis on spatial ecology and biogeography. Our work predominately involves birds, but we use methods that are easily translatable to other taxonomic groups. Our work takes place all over the world, with an emphasis on the Great Plains and Central Africa. More information is available on the research page.

Getting Involved


If you are interested in getting hands-on research experience as an undergrad and attending a vibrant, active university in a small town in one of the best migration hotspots in the world, then University of Nebraska at Kearney may be for you!

Where we are

Kearney, Nebraska, sometimes referred to as the “Sandhill Crane Capitol of the World”, is located at the south end of Nebraska’s Sandhills and on the left bank of the Platte River. We are adjacent to some of the largest remaining native grasslands in North America, and at the crossroads for birds from the western, eastern, and central parts of the North American continent.

Site Information

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